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Oakie Doke

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So ... I saw this on the Kooks forum.




This radio station has a competition for forums dedicated to music artists. Each forum has to come up with a playlist of 12 songs, 6 of which are by the band/artist the forum is about, and 6 of which are random.


Then they choose the best 16 playlists compete on air and on the website, and the one that wins is played fully on the station on a day completely dedicated to that artist, with constant promotion for the winning forum!


More details here: http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/music/rockoff/tsandcs.html


So, what do we think? Can we put together the best playlist? It's due on the 23rd of November :original:

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The Kooks forum (who's entry I am not taking part in, btw) is using B-sides, they are going with the rule of "as long as it's buyable, then it's allowed" :thumb_yello:


We should apply the "as long as someone was ever able to get it, we can use it". (I prefer the outtakes at the moment :smth: )


I'll think about it during the weekend. We need to keep in mind that we need songs that appeal DIRECTLY and not only after listening to them 5 times plus knowing who Mika is. The same goes for the rest. Ok, I'm aware that you are all aware of that.


Hmmm.... what about songs that were free to get but not to buy? I love the Kooks cover of Crazy. Wait - wasn't it on a CD somewhere? :blink:

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my random select if may help


MGMT - Time To Pretend


Lykke Li - Little Bit


Deerhunter - Never Stops


Born Ruffians - Little Garcon


Robyn - Cobrastyle


The Dodos - Fools


these tracks totally rock:kaf:


I love the first 2 and the Robyn one, don't know the others:naughty:

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