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  1. I like your version of the Jon Dany Arya triangle. The usual J kills D doesn’t feel right to me. But in all these scenarios, what does Drogon do? After episode 4 I was expecting Dany to do something unspeakable that shocked her into going back to Daario and Meereen where she was loved (Daario probably being more tolerant than Jon about irrational burning alive episodes) leaving the way open for Jon and then Sansa. Now Meereen probably won’t want her, and Jon and all who fought for her won’t be welcome in King’s landing. Leaving Sansa or (please no!) Bran. For me, SOME
  2. Bump! Surely someone out there wants to swap predictions? Offer finishes Monday (or Sunday in US)
  3. Lovely Mika voice. Would have preferred piano as the only instrument though
  4. I think that’s right. My first was, ahem, John Pertwee (3rd), and I really did hide behind the sofa. He just defines the Doctor for me, though I now know he was very untypical - he stayed in GB cos of BBC budget cuts. But I really liked David Tennant (10th). And not just because he’s hot - he, too, seemed Doctor-like to me
  5. I thought it was a good end for PC, and liked the Christmas armistice twist. (Thought the last two series were completely different from each other though). The new doctor seemed better than on the pre-publicity - younger and less consciously quirky, so let’s hope.
  6. Seems to be trying too hard to be quirky
  7. Incidentally, I fished The Pirate Loop off my shelf - it came out just before I discovered Mika. I did post on here about Russell T's Mika love, and Any Other World, though - in the old Famous Mika Fans thread
  8. Jodie Whittaker - totally failing to post the link
  9. No Bill, and a fashionably female Who. Hmmm
  10. I don't think it really exists any more, I have no idea what "class" the people around me are. Few people in the uk know anything about their ancestors, unless they're aristocracy (Ok, the Queen and her family ARE higher class). Unless your Canadian family was very rich or related to George Washington or someone, they probably wouldn't give class a second thought. They'd just be ordinary, like the rest of us. A few people like to designate themselves a class (usually working class), though their reasons seem very nebulous - they just pick whatever makes them feel superior. Having sai
  11. So when did I last go into raptures over a performance eh? Eh? I thought he was 100% Wow! Mika the musician - voice like chocolate mostly, but varied, Mika playing the piano, Mika singing with expression but not hamming it up, Mika appropriately dressed and coiffed (albeit not curly) in a way more suited to the UK. First time since LICM he's done himself justice on British telly IMO. Disclaimer - this not something I know much about, but... This sort of tv usually wants hits - and here Mika's are all frim LICM, 10 years ago. Which would have screamed, HAS BEEN! Better tactics to do
  12. When I saw the cover I thought "Wow, that's the first time I've seen him looking hot in a suit" Wasn't there going to be a collection of his magazine (Republica?) column in book form?
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