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Grumpy/Sad/Bitchy Pics of Mika...a.k.a. ODD pics


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As you may already know,here are a few threads on which people post happy/chickeny pics of Mika. Well - this thread is not about that! On this thread,you can post some pics of Mika which you can describe as 'odd' or 'unusual' for him,since we all know that he isn't always happy and that he can be sad sometimes too!:naughty: bitchy pics are welcome,as well as the ones where our boy is grumpy.


Basically,this thread is supposed to be some kind of balance between the drooling and laughter ; to get some different emotions about him while on here.



Crazy faces - post here too :punk:


Also,you can post not only the pics - post gifs,comments,humored with irony and parody...whatever.


I would appreciate your oppinions of the pics too - tell what do you think,why was he sad/grumpy at that moment? xD

Btw,I saw the new thread on here, named as "What Is Mika's Fascination With Tragedy?",so this thread can be in some kind a connection with it too.



So...bring on the dark side of the moon :naughty:









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