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Twitter Mikas Girlfriend


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1KayaT From twitter wrote:

@mikasounds Hey Mika! I ran into your girlfriend at MOMA today. I hope to make it to your show on the 16th.


@charlie_potato Um wow. She's just a girl. If and when Mika wants to introduce her, I'm sure he will.



Did I miss something? :shocked:

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Oh, I've just commented on this on the Twitter update thread - very intriguing I must say! Why would Mika feel inclined to reply 'Yo' to this Twitterer if it was all just b******t?? He'd have just ignored it surely?? The plot thickens! :biggrin2:


The person did tweet him other times. We don't actually know what tweet he was replying to...





*checks times tweets were sent*

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