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Hi, MFC! (Hola, gente!)


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Hi everyone!

Well, I don't speak english very good =S I can understand it very well, but when I have to speak it... I suck. Rly.

Voy a hablar un poco en espanol ahora! =) Bueno, soy de Venezuela, pero he estado fantasmeando por los foros y no he visto a nadie de aqui. Quien me puede guiar un poco? En que thread puedo entrar, si no hay ninguno de Venezuela? =/

Besos de Lollipop de fresa para todos(as)



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Hey there!! :welcomeani: to the MFC!! n have fun here! :mf_rosetinted:

I'm Nati!


Well, i think there isn't a Venezuela thread, but there are other threads that speak Spanish. u can post in those, u are welcome! :thumb_yello:











hope this has helped u! :)



Edited by Nati!
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