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I'm relatively new here, although i've already spoken to people and joined into some threads (my name WAS EyeLoveMeCarPenKneeMan, its changed now, but from now on itll stay the same- promise!)


I'm never actually on the computer (well, rarely) but im always on my ipod, so i cant really participate in the whole conversations on threads thing like in Mikagasmics, because ipod touches are really sloow, and my internet connection get VERY dodgy after 21.30 switzerland time.


Oh yeah, i forgot to mention- i am swiss, proud, and somewhat disgruntled that Mika doesnt come here much xD

i live in Geneva.


I'm still a Mika virgin, but that will be sorted out on either the 1st of april or whatever date he goes through Lyon. My mum is good friends with this lady, who just happens to be Mikas mums cousin (its not that complicated if you think about it). She has kindly offered to take girls from the school not only to a gig, but organise a Meet and Greet after!!!! Happy!!



Sorry, i just wrote my life story there :S


Im a proffessional doodler AND rambler.


And i love mika with all my heart!!

I will admit to having frequent very soppy daydreams about him but oh well, i aint perfect!!


So, ive already met some of you but i hope to meet loads more (FINALLY SOME PEOPLE WHO WILL UNDERSTAND ME!!)


Antoinette xx (thats my gay french name right there -_-')


PS: on twitter, im @swissylander

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So here I am, saying :welcomeani: again:biggrin2:

Guess you found your old name too long?:naughty:

Haha I'm too slow for fast threads even on my computer:roftl:

I'm still a Mika virgin too:biggrin2: - will be sorted as you can see from my sig:naughty:

Talk to you soon I guess^^

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