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Well, Hello there.

Guest KiddNextDoor

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Guest KiddNextDoor

Hi there.

I'm Jenn.

Just one of those kids from the Midwest.


The first Mika song I've ever heard of was "Grace Kelly", but it wasn't being sung by him.

I heard it last year, while watching American Idol Hollywood Week.

Josiah Lemming or something or other was singing Grace Kelly.

I loved the tune so I looked it up.

I wasn't much of a Mika fan until this year though. (:

Can't wait til he comes back to the USA.


Well anyways, it's simply stunning to meet you all.


~ Jenn.

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Guest KiddNextDoor

Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes. (:

Can't wait til' I'm actually know people on here.

Hooray for MFC!

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