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*wanders in from somewhere*


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Nae...not in the least. All I know is that when I start talking I would be.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. :)


NAE...NAE!?!?!? is that a Scottish reference or art thou talking all cryptic and mysterious just for fun :naughty:


Anyhoo welcome to the wonderful world of MFC ,the place of MHP, try not to get addicted like me, :bleh:



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OMG... Deej......


I cannot beleive that I have found YOU here....


WHY do you never post on the forum????


We need more MEN like you here!!!! :huglove:




HARLET!!! throwing yourself at any male who happens to stroll into our cosy club pffft whatever next. :bleh::naughty:


Men DO get rather spoiled in this here harem methinks.

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Rather than a year late you mean? :P

Interesting how you just happend to be around at the same time this was dug up.......

hmmmm :naughty:


I know HollyD from elsewhere and she just sent me a message saying that she just discovered I was on this board and that she posted on my introduction message...hence me popping up now.

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