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Mika poses with the Devil


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Ha ha, didn't recognise him at first 'cause of the pink hair, if anyone has digital tv and watches the E! Entertainment channel, he pops up on quite a few of their programmes doing little snippets of inteviews, and although he's not related, he hangs out with Paris.

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perez hilton ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perez_hilton ) is some kind of American gay "journalist" who's got this website http://www.perezhilton.com where he gossips about stars .... well, he is rather rude, aggressive and biased... (it's a blog after all...)

What's that got to do with Mika? He is promoting Mika in the US.

What do you think about this "collaboration"?

I find his blog to be really offensive and crude... Sure, Mika needs all the promotion he can get..., but I am afraid that this affiliation might backfire.

I don't like the influence, I don't like the message.

if they should even start partying together he might turn into one of these scandalising stars... He might lose his innoncence... He is just 23 after all... There is so much authenticity about Mika.

But Perez Hilton is nothing but fake, he's got a totally fake name, he has a fake haircolor, he has a fake style, his job is twisting the truth, gossip, he is even turning gay sexuality into some kind of fake lifestyle... He 's even outing people against their own will, and not seldomly against their sexuality. there is nothing truthful about hilton perez.

I want Mika to be acknowledged by everyone, not just girls and gays...

( i am gay myself....)

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Whatever you think about Perez he's givin Mika promotion on a hugely popular site! So far he's been nothing but supportive of Mika, posting Grace Kelly and talking about how quickly he's got into him - like many of us!! I don't think Mika seems the type to move in the kind of circles and attend the kinds of parties Perez goes to though, which is a good thing. Lets just hope Perez doesnt suddenly turn against him!

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Perez is in love :wub2: with MIKA. Check out his website - he has 10 posts about MIKA. It's like MIKA says in "Happy Ending:"


"...a little bit of heaven...a little bit of hell..."


That's how it is with Perez - if he likes hates you, watch out! If he likes you, RUN!


Perez has given MIKA tons of "free" publicity. He's going to be in London at KOKO on Thursday - if you are in UK - watch for him!


Jeffery in San Francisco

Read my MIKA blog post - please comment!

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