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Lollipop Chart Info


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It's downloads only!

Any songs (physical sales or downloads) can enter the Singles Charts since jan 2007!


Love Today is the next single... For me My Interpretation is more likely to be the 3rd single...

Oh yeah - Love Today *is* next single. I stand corrected - got mixed up.

There's a podcast of a Times interview that mentions it. If anyone's not heard this yet you can listen / download to itunes from http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/audio_video/podcasts/


It's really good - long too.

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This is great about Lollipop charting based on downloads, but I have to wonder, if both it and Big Girl are already getting lots of downloads, wouldn't it make sense to release either Lollipop or Big Girl as the next single -- not Love Today, which is not "organically" charting all on its own?


I don't know much about music so maybe that makes no sense.

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Relax is at N°78 , Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) entered the charts at the 129 spot and Stuck In A Moment at 174


They released 5 songs from his album for solo downloads and they're all in the charts!! 5 songs in the charts!! Waw!!!

Grace Kelly 1

Lollipop 62

Relax 78

Big Girl 129

Stuck in The Moment 174

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Love Today is a fab choice :D

I'd just love to hear him sing Happy Ending once, live!


I have to agree. Happy Ending is my fav song, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Mika live so I can hear it live. Wonder why it's not been done yet???? Hey ho! Not long now:biggrin2:


lv, andi xxx

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Hi Strudel


I didn't know that. Is it a rule? - Does that mean that the sales don't count?


Is there a release date?


When GK charted on downloads alone, was that after being officially released to downloads, or before?




As for the comment about Love Today.


As it is the next single from him it's not elligible to chart. So for all that we know it may be doing EXTREMELY well :)

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