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Mika interview on "AftenPosten"


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in this video i can only agree - mika looks just GORGEOUS! :mf_lustslow: and i`ve already noticed - his laugh is so funny... :roftl: i like mika`s jokes :thumb_yello: he`s the best!!! and allways will be! :wub2:


his laugh drives me litterally crazy!!!:woot_jump:

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YAI, It's from Norway:D


Yes, it is... I don't know what the heck i was doing on that site (cause i can't speak Norwege, only Swedish) but I found it and loved it ^__^

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have you noticed he's always saying "Ummm" after every sentence??




okay i'm stupid :doh:


Haha! I know! I was writing down a finnish interview and noticed that he also uses "and", "you know" and "kind of" a lot :D How cute.



I love his laugh/giggle :blush-anim-cl:

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