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Lol The Cuteness


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Hahaha! "Dee!Dee!Dee!...f* Dee!! :roftl: "

I've seen this though,

but that's no wonder cause Im a youtube-mikavid-worm! :naughty:

Thanks for posting! :thumb_yello: It made me glad to see it again!

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Just have to agree with everyone else here!!! I love this clip also one of my faves on you tube(i dont know how i could live without my daily you tube fix) dont you just love the giggle!!:thumb_yello: xxxx

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Thanx for that how cute is Mika:mf_lustslow:

When my sister n me was at the gig in feb he said that same word and my sister says how can he say that with his mother there i would never do that.I says back at her u told mum to f off before we came out:naughty:

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