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hello, everyone. my name's avoca and I am quite a newbie to mika and his music. :blush-anim-cl: found out only very recently about his talent and got struck by it.


like him, I ama little of mixed origins, (that's something I love about him).


I live in europe and I am a red head.


I HATE to say that, but very fist time I heard a song of his (it was on the radio, in the car) I didn't like it .. *escapes tomatoes being thrown at her* :boxed: I must have been listening to someone else, that's clear... :fisch:


I am a cinema freak and music is also very important to me. my fave groups are oasis, REM, queen, the beatles (and several others). no need to list the singers, you alrady know one of my faves, the man himself.. :wink2:


I work with web design and in my spare time I run a couple of websites dedicated to actors (peter sarsgaard and ian somerhalder).


what else?.. oh yeah, I have two cats. :naughty:

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Be welcome! And your cats too! :naughty:

Hope soon you`ll be as obsessive like we are... :mf_lustslow::roftl:



now this is probably the stupidiest question.. forgive me if it is.. but is latvia lithuania..?:blink:


I am extremly ignorant in geography, am aware of that.. :blush-anim-cl: cause I could use some help with lithuanian language with my website about a vilnius film festival.. I don't have a clue as where to get it, online translators are almost useless.. :thumbdown:


thanks, ocean fairy :) glad you like the avie. made it in a hurry.

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thanks for the message

id like to go to europe really soon

and i wanna c mika someday:mf_lustslow:


from australia



God, you come from Perth and you want to be in Europe? I love Australia, it is the friendliest place ever, you people know how to entertain and make people welcome,!!

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