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Mika eCard on Universalmusic.nl


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Got this today from the Mika hyve on Hyves.nl (a Dutch equivalent of MySpace so to say). The original message is in Dutch:



Mika e-Card online!

Hi you all!


There's a MIKA eCard brought into the world!


This eCard has great interactive features. You can:


- watch some pics

- watch the Grace Kelly videoclip

- download the single

- order the album


and as a bonus you can create your own Mika ringtone!


So check this card ASAP and forward it to anyone who should find out who Mika is!



Sorry, can't change the title anymore, it's Universalmusic.nl :)

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What a lovely site!!

I need a tv like that in my living room!!!! :roftl: :roftl:


And the sofa too!

And the man on the sofa can come too, if he wills! :naughty:

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