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Hej : D


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Hey y'll,


Just saying a hello..



Fav. Mika song: Mika - Stuck in the middle


Other bands and songs I really like:


David Bowie - Life on Mars

Goldrush - Wide open Sky

Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars

Nightmare of You - I Want To Be Buried In Your Backyard

Oasis - Champagne Supernova

My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay


and thats top ... 6... right now hha exept for the fact that basically.. no wait.. ALL mika's songs including the breathtaking cover of Everybody's Talkin' and the funny/cute one of Hips dont lie or whatever its called :P


anyway ... I guess Ill see you around.

byby from southern Sweden.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Enfa - are yo from Norway? haha, It sound soo. And yeah vikingar rules :P tack för välkomnandet.


nicole - thankies :D , I ll see you around. Hahha I see you have posted a lot : D Niiice


bexxy - thank you : D Maybe I will... maybe I will :P


Satu - already 'met' hhaa. but thanks. I know stuck in the middle is amazing (he IS singing about himself, right?)


wendi - thanks, yeah me too. but im a "forums person" so im sure i will : D

Aww I love that avatar. I think that picture is oneof the greatest.. exept "teapot" and "pink-socks" :D


tantastic - hi you! noo.. I know not many have heard them all : D thats because I love the OC and every songs that have anything to do with the serie + I have just stumbled upon some songs, that are my favs, on youtube.


anyway - Ill talk with you guys later.

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Jamen davs davs og velkommen til :punk: We should have yet another new poll for fave song on the album, seems all the Stuck In The Middle fans are joining at the moment :wub2:

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Kata - Jaa, det är för att låten är så bra. Men jag tycker också om honom i Grace-Kelly-videon, han ser så snygg ut där. :P haha. Ska du till Köpenhman konserten?


[Well its cuz the song is great. But I also like him in the Gracy Kelly video, he is so goodlooking there. :P haha. Are you going to the Copenhagen consert?]



Steph - Thank you! Haha, you can really hearthat its mica who's singing. Hes voice is really addictive. I love the song btw. Its so him. haha.



xMariaX - Thank you, I will :P



EnFa - Okej, jag bode förstå det bättre (än norska) eftersom jag bor nära Köpenhamn, bara en bro (och en tunnel) bort. Men danska är lättare att lyssna på än att läsa. Hur som helst.. Ska du se Mika i Köpenhamn?


[Okey, I should understand it better (than Norwedgian) since I live near Copenhagen, just a bridge (and a tunnel) away. Well danish is easier to hear than to read. Anyway.. Are you going t see Mika in Copenhagen?]



See you!!!!! And feel free to mess me, i like getting post haha.

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Enfa - no, me neither. Im going to netherlands to celebrate my grandmothers birthday.. we leaves on the same f*cking day that he performs. I am deadly serious, if I see Mika on our way through Copenhagen I will 1) Jump out the window 2) start a fire so they stop the bus 3) ask if we can stop since i am sufferin from a "hartattack" - which is partly true because if I see Mica I will DIIIIEEEE!!!


Do you think he's coming back here? To Malmö "hopes"? He must...

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