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Message from Mika on Mikasounds.com and hidden extra!!

Bow wow

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I havent seen this posted but on his 'official' website there is a new blog piece:




MIKA Newsletter 14/03/07


Patrick Wolf is a genius. Funny things happen on aeroplanes. I don’t know what it is. The unusually confined space, the recycled kerosene infused air or maybe its just being closer to God. My opinions become extreme. I tend to rant/bitch about everything, mostly to my sister (who pretends to listen), dance around euphorically to my iPod or cry at movies. I NEVER cry watching movies… normally. I am on a British Airways flight on my way to South by Southwest music festival in Texas. The flight attendant clearly doesn’t like me and he’s made it very clear. He could make condescension an art form and the lady next me complained to him about my headphone dancing, only making matters worse. Perhaps it’s the altitude that explains the extreme euphoria I am feeling for Patrick Wolf’s music. I have to admit I am quite late jumping on the Wolf bandwagon as he is already on his third album. The Magic Position is an album I can’t stop playing and I intend on making up for my lateness as much as possible. Once again, thanks to all of you who have come out to the shows over the past few weeks. With the speed at which everything has happened, playing live is the one thing that makes everything feel real. I now miss it when were not on the road doing gigs. Thankfully that doesn’t look like its gonna be an issue any time soon! LOVE TODAY VIDEO Just finished the Love Today video for which I collaborated with Sophie Muller again. Look out for my friends from the Grace Kelly video. Tune in to T4 tomorrow am to watch it. I have no idea what to expect of South by Southwest. I’ve always heard about it from people in the industry but never really from musicians themselves, so will be interesting. One thing’s for sure, with as many as 130 Brits over there this year, there’s sure to be a decent bar around to run away from the execs. I’ll write this weekend to let you know how it goes. Apparently I am doing a gig with Pete Townsend. Rumour has it that he may play live with me and my guitarist Martin on Love Today. Jesus, it’s a funny old life. Mika



One other thing about that site, which is probably designed by Mika or his sister, is the bird at the top right (under the menu). You've probably discussed this but if you click on it it does a poo!!


Hours of fun! Poor Lollipop Girl tho, I kep waiting for her to scroll by and covering her in poo!


Im very mature :naughty:

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Poor Lollipop Girl tho, I kep waiting for her to scroll by and covering her in poo!


Im very mature :naughty:

I was in a nagging mood this evening and I did it. Just to see what happened. Poor Lollipop Girl, white stuff dripping from her hair...


Sorry Lollipop Girl, I won't do it again, honestly! :blush-anim-cl:

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ahah i definitely LOVE mika !! he is so funny !!


and i love patrick wolf too :wub2:


did you know that a girl i know went to the same school as him ??? at the lycée francais in london ^___^

it's such a small world !!


ohh..maah...gawwd :shocked:

that is sooo soo cool!

did ya ask her how Mika was??

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I got this Emailed to me yesterday from Mikasounds.com too, although I'd already seen it on here from where someone had had it sent to them from his Myspace page.

It would be nice if they could syncronise the time they send out bulletins, then there wouldn't be any confusion.

And I would just like to say thanks to Believe in Fairies for the cool new avatar, much apprieciated.

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