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Hello from Seattle!


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Hey guys!

I'm from Seattle, Wash. USA

I first heard Mika last year -- I heard Relax, Take It Easy, and to be honest, I didn't realize it was one person! I thought it was a band, and for the really high parts, I thought it was somehow done electronically. I got a pretty big shock when I realized it was one man!

Anyway, then a month or so after that, I heard Grace Kelly on Radio 1 (I listen to the Chris Moyles show online, cause it's an awesome show) and fell completely in love with the song. And that's that! I'm super excited cause Life In Cartoon Motion comes out here in the States on Tuesday, and I can't wait to actually hold it in my hands!

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Yes, Isn't his voice just amazing! :shocked:

I bought the album yesterday, even I had bought the album in mp3s much


I just needed to have the actual album too! :wink2:

Hope you'll have fun in here MFC, there's some very nice people here!


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Welcome to our Mika loving world!

If you like Chris Moyles than you will love Scott Mills (another radio one dj). I first heard Mika on his show!

Anyway, welcome aboard and have fun!


Wow, thanks for all the welcomes, everybody!

Yeah, I love Scott Mills as well -- I love Radio 1 in general!

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