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Lol.. XD they seem to have everyone of my ideas on another forum XD I wanna be original :(

Hahahaaha XD


actually I think we've had every game that has been here on that other forum :roftl: apart from the claim your husband one, but I consider to open that one there now :biggrin2:

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Lol, I heart that vid!



You know what makes me laugh though...squirrels. Hahahaha! Totally random I know.


I just get hysterical whenever I hear the word 'squirrel' or see one scampering around...I'm starting to smirk and laugh now just thinking about it.


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Hahahahahahahahahaladidahahaha:roftl: watching more Monty Python right now :roftl: They rock my argyle socks off! Aghhhh hahaha!

Ooh, speaking of British humour, has anyone heard of the show called Keeping Up Appearances about Hyacinth Bucket? Me and my best friend are obsessed with that show.

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