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Did anyone watch Dancing with the stars and hear "the music of Mika"?


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As I was watching the US Dancing with the Stars results show Tuesday night, I heard the host saying something about next week's show blah blah blah and "the music of Mika". I thought I was hearing things...I am going to his concert tomorrow night, so maybe I wanted to hear his name :)


I know on the results show they usually have a live performer...last night was Dionne Warwick. Maybe they will just do a dance to one of his songs? They are doing the jive and tango next week. I checked the DWTS message board and didn't find anything. Anyone know anything?? or am I just hearing things??? :blink:

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Never watched that show, just can't make myself... but I see Heather Mills all over the tv these days because of it.


Uhm, I don't think I'd like to see Mika on that show, sorry.:o But I love seeing him on American tv these last two days, so exciting.

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That's a shame, although we don't get it here, I watch E! News on the E! channel and am watching Mr Fatones progress with interest (just in case they talk to JC). I was thinking how good would it be to see Joey dance to Grace Kelly!

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You did hear right. Mika's song was used on the premiere night of DWTS. Here's the bit of the recap with Mika mentioned:



"...Posted on 09/22/2009 by David in Dancing with the Stars and General News


Celebrity: Ashley Hamilton, actor and comedian; son of George Hamilton


Professional Partner: Edyta Sliwinska


Dance: Foxtrot


Song: “Grace Kelly” by Mika


Breakdown: My absolute favorite dancer, Edyta, is back for her ninth straight season and I couldn’t be happier. This time, she’s dancing with Ashley, whose dad she danced with in a previous season. Apparently, Ashley had brain surgery at one point in time and he was having real trouble picking up the steps, but hopefully Edyta is able to work her magic with the actor. Unfortunately, he’s really heavy on his feet. All of his movements seem unnatural and uneasy, which leaves Edyta looking like she’s just dancing around him. Len said he needed finesse, Bruno basically thought it lacked anything and Carrie Ann warned them that they needed to define themselves in the competition. But papa Hamilton was still proud of it!


Scores: Carrie Ann: 6 Len: 5 Bruno: 4 (ouch!) Total: 15/30

Dancing With the Stars 9: Premiere Night #1 ..."


I was really surprised to hear Mika's song on the show. I ended up rewinding that bit just to hear the song again!

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Many thanks to ur post. I love it.

Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.


This is an interesting discussion. thank you for sharing


Welcome lynda1234!

You will love it here.


I am sorry to hear that Mika won't be on Dancing With The Stars!

It is so popular on U.S. t.v.

The exposure would really help in there.


I am happy that Mika will be on The Ellen Show & David Letterman!!:thumb_yello:

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