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New York Times about Mika!


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" If he figures out how to show some heart amid his pop frolics, he could turn out to be more than the sum of his hooks".


the clever thing has got everything, eh..? *sarcasm* :sneaky2:


oh yeah, mika sings just cause he's nothing better to do.. :thumbdown:





thx for posting, eir :wink2:

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Ok, so I'm not the only one who think that this article sucks!


When I read it the first lines I thought: Oh my God, am I so ignorant about him? I even don't know his name???


Then I read the whole article....and when my eyes read "Everybody gotta love" as the title of a Mika's song...:shocked::roftl::lmao:



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"everybody's gotta love"

umm "love today"

i know that was brought up already, but i mean come on people. thats probably his second most popular song in the US at least right now, following Grace Kelly, and i mean at least get the name of the song right.



well maybe people aren't as obsessed as i am! lol!

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