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Olá, from Lisbon, Portugal


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Hi there




I'm 27, live in Lisbon, Portugal, and discovered Mika 2 weeks ago...and since that day i just can't stop listening to this awesome album...


I'm a little bit like Mika, as i'm a mixed bag: i was born in Brazil, came to Portugal with 4 years old, my mother is from Angola and my father's familly from south Italy.


for now, i believe that's all folks ;-)


beijos de Lisboa (kisses from Portugal)

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Ola! Hope you enjoy it here!


Isn't Mary Portugese too?




Yes I am!!! :roftl: Finally some more fans from Portugal! I was starting to feel abandoned! :naughty:


Bem vindo, Thiago! :thumb_yello:


Beijos do Porto!

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Mary, where have you been? lol

Beijos de Aveiro! (Kisses from Aveiro, Portugal)




I haven't posted much, I know... I've been quite busy! :blush-anim-cl:

When did you join the club?



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Well I joined a few days ago... But I'm already loving it!

Try to post a bit more! When you start it just gets so funny! :D


Abri um tópico pra nós (General Chin Wagging)! :wink2: Ainda somos pouquinhos, mas acho que conseguimos aguentar! lol

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