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Hi from Germany


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Well, I guess I'm far too old to do this but I just couldn't help it... :wink2:


A few weeks ago the TV station "Pro 7" used "Grace Kelly" as a trailer for some TV-series. This catchy tune just got stuck in my head and I couldn't get it out anymore (not that I would want to.. :biggrin2: )

I had to order the album at once, and all I can say about it is: YEAH! It just makes one feel good, and the smile on my face didn't disappear ever since I first heard it. I think I literally fell in love with Mika's music. :mf_lustslow:


I've tried to upload a video, but somehow it didn't work. :boxed: I think I will try again tomorrow.


See ya


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hi Claudia,


I can't believe you're too old - i'm 41 and was crazy enough to spend a lot of money to see Mika live in berlin with my daugther :wub2:


We are from Hamburg :biggrin2: - welcome here and hav a lot of fun!


Liebe Grüße, Eliza und Tochter Xenia

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MIKA Makes Us All Happy. I Can't Tell You How Much MIKA As Changed My Life. Anyways, Age Is Not An Object, In - Fact, Age Is Whatever Age You Want To Be.


So Have Fun, And Love MIKA.


If You Have Any Questions About This Site, Then Please, Talk To Me.



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