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old pics of mika in an US event, but nevertheless...


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I tried to dig the old thread I posted like a month ago, but it is impossible to find again.. this forum races at crazy speed LOL :biggrin2:


so I'll post just these two shots, they are from some US event (I seem to remember the CD release party..) where perez hilton was attending as well. they belong to the same thread with pics of mika's mum and sis I posted a while ago.


these shots are great quality and I came across them while I was searching for the other shots I (re)posted now in other threads, so I thought to share. :)




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These were taken at the LA album launch, and he is shaking hands with none other than wannabe astronaut and former NSYNCer Mr Lance Bass.

I know this because one of the next pictures in the thread was the one he had taken with JC Chasez, also of NSYNC, which now takes pride of place as my desktop picture!

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Mika's such a cutie. I love how his shirt is open at the bottom and you can see his stomach. :) (even better in some of the other pics from the launch in another thread)


Yep, the one with JC you can see it better.

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