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What Is That Noise?


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Hey, Somethin's Been Bothering Me For The Last Couple Days. Every Night I Go To Bed With MIKA Playing On The Pillow Next To Me[That's Right, I Sleep With MIKA :wink2:]


And Every Time It Goes To Part In Grace Kelly Where There Is No Guitar Playing. "I Could Be Brown-ETC.] There Is This NOISE! It Drives Me Crazy Because I Don't Know What It Is! The Noise Sounds Like, To Me, A Power Drill, But Then I Wonder, Why Does MIKA Use A Power Drill?


Here Is The Part


Here Is The Noise, Isolated.


So, What Is It?



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I've listened to it now! it IS the printer!

on the radio in holland they talked about the noise! and they said it's an old printer:P


Oh, Sweet, Thanks! I Was Curious About What That Noise Was!

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I doubt Mika would allow any renovating in the studio while recording... :naughty:

Yeah, I don't play drums but automaticly assumed it's the drums.

Love this thread btw :naughty:

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Yes it's the high hat I was just going to say that myself.


Honest!:naughty: :naughty:


If you listen to the album on a media player where you can adjust the graphic equalizer thing you can hear all sorts of weird and wonderful things, it's my favourite thing to do now, deconstruct the mix of LICM! Certain tracks sound so different and fresh when you do this (I can't afford to buy Mika remixes so I do it myself, it keeps me off the streets.......):shocked:

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