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Video Responce Thread :O:O omg :D


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okies every1! Herez zee first post:

get postin ur vid responces people like, how much u hart mika n such? ^_^ just an idea LUFF U ALLL













i think it's HUGE !! i don't have a webcam though so i can't post a video response, sorry for that :roftl:

but it's definitely a great idea :biggrin2:

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Ooooh! What a lovely idea!!!!


Last week I recorded a video in the car - while driving - (DON'T ASK) but that video is NEVER going to see the light of day because I ended up on the pavement :D LOL


Doesn't sound like a bad idea Char! I'll see what I can do and post it in the thread, i mean "fread" :P LOL

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