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hello all:)


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Im Roni from Israel. I've started listening to Mika after a two years (too) long relationship blew up in my face, two month ago. The album made me happy again and now I don't even remember the name of my X. The only things on my mind is Mika Mika Mika:wub2: and my up coming trip to India and Thailand.

hmm that's it :fisch:

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היייי :DDD


חחח אני רואה שהחלטת להצטרף גם לפה!


ברוכה הבאה!




YAY! Now Killer Queen Has A Friend, Lol. Welcome To The Website, If You Need Any Help Then Please, Talk To Me.



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Don't be sorry for me! Im not sorry.. when he broke up whith me he sent me free. I was stuck in that relationship for soo long, I couldn't see how bad it was and that I wasn't really happy.

So don't be. No pity for me:bleh:

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