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Mika in Fan de - May 5th 2007


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Wha, wha, Yop, translate!! Please!:mf_rosetinted:


there's an emission on mika the 5 may ! of course we will translate it for you all :thumb_yello:


i doubt it's very interesting though :biggrin2: . There'll be the usual things i guess : born in lebanon, paris, london, i wrote grace kelly because :biggrin2:

i'm not even sure he will be interviewed, it might as well be only a report :sneaky2:

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Did he say he was a control freak and PARANOID??


What a cute collage of the faces of Mika...and I love listening to him speak French even though I don't really understand much!!

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His accent when he speaks french is so cute...:wub2:

J'en suis dingue!!!:roftl:


Oui moi aussi et y'a de quoi !! :blush-anim-cl:

Moi je suis allée à un de ces concert aux voix du gaou à six four, à côté de Toulon c'était.... trop bien, fantastique, génial, bref top top quoi !!


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I loooove it when he speaks French...

Too bad I haven't paid much attention in French class... The only things I can say are Bonjour, Je m'appele Samantha et j'habite dans les Pays-Bas et j'ai dix-huit ans :biggrin2:

So a big thank you for the translating crew *WHOOOHOO* :huglove:

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