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The Netherlands calling...


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Well I finally had the guts to join...

Hi, I'm Helen, 26, from Holland. I haven't been into Mika that long, just a couple of weeks, of course I knew "Grace Kelly", it's kinda hard not to, hihihi.....

But around easter they used "Big girl" on a Dutch tv program (koefnoen) and I really liked the song, not knowing it was his, but because I actually am a big girl, I thought I shouldn't be liking it (boy, has that changed!). So after a little while, I just wanted to see the "Grace Kelly" video on youtube and after that I saw a link to "Big girl", so that's when an where I found out. So by listening to that and some other songs, I bought the album, but I couldnt find the singles in the two stores I looked, and I told my daddy and this weekend he bought me a little gift.....

Glad to be a member! xXx

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Yay another Dutchie! It's only a matter of time before we've taken over this board. First this board and then.. world domination.


Erm what was I saying.. Oh yes welcome! :D






Welkom in ieder geval!!:thumb_yello::biggrin2:

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