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Hello from The Garden of England

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I wanted to blurt out my entire life story here with all the grisly details ...:insane: but Mika has gagged me :biggrin2: so I will just say that I first heard about Mika via Brian May's website - I'm a mad Queen fan but know that Mika is his own man...it's just that I know that original talent when I hear it - I'm old enough to have been a teenage fan of Queen when they first started out :jawdrop: so I think I have some background knowledge in that respect...I don't actually think Mika particularly looks or sounds like Freddie Mercury - there's something a lot deeper than those superficialities - it's that spirit...Was delighted to have been at Kokos - not often that you can find yourself with such a hot ticket when you're middle aged and heading for varifocals :glasses2: ....LOL

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Hi everyone,


Just dropping in tonight after my very first gig to see the talented Mika in Shepherds Bush Empire, London. What a fantastic gig that was:mf_lustslow: Would definitley try and see Mika live again asap.

Just had to go at the back to see if the man came out of the stage door. Well many men came out and went...except the man himself:boxed: Either that he was enjoying himself and/or was networking in the aftershow party or he didn't realize the fantastic opportunity he had to meet me:sneaky2:



I met some beautiful people outside though and had a chat and a few laughs with some of you, I guess as I got this site's address and voila:wink2: that is how I ended up here.:thumb_yello:

It looks great and loads to read so I just catch up later and hope to chat to some of you pretty soon.


Mika, you certainly rocked the Shepherd's bush empire tonight:punk:


Talk later guys, keep well. xxx:wink2:


Just realized I've posted in Jade Goody thread...sorry about that, *hangs head in shame*

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Well, Cow & Gate, might let you off just this once :biggrin2: - especially as you gave such a good feedback of the concert... I think you should start your own 'Im new here' thread if you're new here though...AAAGGGHHH I've been gagged again...such is Mika's concern for the sanity of mankind...:mf_lustslow:

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Well, thank you, everyone! I have to say I'm overwhelmed! :thumb_yello: by such a welcome! :wub2: There is a lot posted here, however, and so I can't get to look at very much of it!

Did I see that some of you had trouble at Leeds? As an alumna of said University, I'm appalled ...:protest: ... pity I wasn't there to give them a piece of my mind :protest: Things have clearly gone seriously downhill in the twenty three years since I graduated from that particular academic institution...TUT TUT.

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Hello Cow&Gate and A Gagged Jade Goody!

Welcome for both of you and thanks for the nice introductions!

Please, make yourself comfortable and just enjoy the good mikathmosphere flowing around here! :naughty:

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