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Hilarious short Mika video!


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OMG! My status has changed! woop woop! Now, I am just beyond fanatical.


haha. sounds about right :D


and judging by your posts it looks like the video hasnt been shared yet, so WOOP!

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Okay. We all know about Radio 1's Big Weekend, right? I assume everyone has seen some videos.


well, i found this one and i havent seen it before.


It's random, it's funny, it's totally Mika! Haha. Reminds me of the confessions video!




enjoy! :thumb_yello:


Thanks for (re-) posting :wink2: It's indeed very funny



so far I don't think anything will EVER top the confessions video


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I saw this yesterday on another thread - made sure to bookmark it. STILL a riot the 2nd time around. And no, I don't think Mika was drunk or anything. I think he's naturally crazy (or, to use the word he prefers, "demented") in the best, funniest, most adorable way possible, of course!!!! :naughty::wub2:

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Well, I do have to admit...:blush-anim-cl: I probably wouldn't. I tend to see elephants in bonnets and leotards. A tutu? That really is a bit of plain crazy. :roftl:




Not if you're watching Pink Elephants on Parade. :wink2: Don't you think that would make a phenomenal Mika single and video??? Maybe we can all get together and share the psychosis! :shocked::boxed::roftl:

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