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Mika's official website-something funny (to me anyway)


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got some interesting news!!!!!:shocked:


go onto mika official website and click the dove or whatever it is at the top of the site. its hilarious only mika would think of something like that!!!!!!!!:lol3::punk:

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*haha* yeh...i coverd lollipop girl in it...until she was just one big white blob (it took hours)...its quite fun ...in a strange way!!! OMG...I HAVE NO SOCIAL LIFE COZ ALL IM DOING IS COVERING LOLLIPOP GIRL IN BIRD POOP!!! :roftl:

MIKA WHAT ARE U DOING TO US!?!?:roftl: :roftl: :roftl:

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I must confessed i liked it... it was funny. I didn't get it at first but then i waited til lollipop girl was under the dove, clicked it and burst out laughing. Lol. I'm feeling very childing. Thanks for telling us about it!

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haha i do it all the time!


yeah, i love that, you can make it do whatever it is that it does (just not to ruin it for others) on lollipop girl.


it's funnnnnn.


I used to sit there for ages to make it do that to Lollipop girl when I first started going to the site. :roftl: :roftl:

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