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  1. On this weeks episode (Season 3 Episode 15, I think it was about half way into the episode) of Siesta Key on MTV (in the USA ) they played part of Stay High. They always put a "Now Playing" box at the bottom of the screen with the artist name and song title which is nice so people will know who it was. I was excited to hear it
  2. I'm just curious what the chances are of Mika getting a fan mail address again?? I have a card that I'd like to send to his mom/family, but nowhere to send it to
  3. I'm just bumping this thread up for the people who have been chatting about books
  4. Popular Song is nominated for a Radio Disney Music Award (Best Musical Collaboration)!! You can vote here http://music.disney.com/radio-disney-music-awards/vote until April 6. Voting is UNLIMITED!! The Award ceremony takes place on April 26 (in LA) and airs on the Disney Channel on April 27 at 8PM ET. The nominees are: Popular Song- Mika feat. Ariana Grande Everything Has Changed- Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran Clarity- Zedd feat. Foxes
  5. After more than a week of looking forward to seeing him on TV I didn't even get to see it when it was actually on because 15-20 minutes before he would have been on my cable went out (there is almost always some sort of issue with our cable service). I was so mad I later watched it on the NBC website and of course still enjoyed it, but it's not the same as seeing him on TV and I wasn't able to record it like I was going to
  6. I understand you I even went back and checked the website again before posting it here thinking maybe I had imagined it or maybe it had been a mistake and his name had been removed
  7. You thought I may have been telling a lie???? I'm sooooooo offended (Just kidding.....kind of )
  8. I noticed on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno) website that Mika and Ariana will be on the show next Tuesday (Oct. 1)
  9. WELCOME!! I always get excited when I see more "Michiganders" joining
  10. No, I'm toward the other side of the state....closer to Grand Rapids than Detroit.
  11. Welcome!! It's great to see another Michigander on here
  12. I'll admit that I'm guilty of this one too...during my first days of listening to the song
  13. Thanks!! I've never really left, I stop by here most days....though a couple months ago I went about a month without coming here because I was without a working computer for awhile and then it took ages to catch up on all of my usual internet stuff I will watch the movie some day. I'm not much of a movie watcher. My attention span isn't that long I'm always online while watching TV and the computer gets most of my attention.
  14. I've been such a lurker lately (reading but never posting), so I feel like I'm just a stranger jumping into the conversation, but I wanted to reply by saying.... I bought the DVD too, and like you I haven't watched yet either. I bought it right after it was released on DVD (I guess it's been over a year now). Really I'm not even interested in the movie, I just wanted to own it for the song. I'll watch it eventually because I'm still curious since a lot has been said on here about it, and of course since Mika likes it.
  15. Hey, I haven't forgotten about the scrapbook...though I do need to get back to work on it. I've lost my motivation a bit with no talk of Mika coming back to the USA and the overall lack of anything new from him. I will be sure to update the thread with news and pics when I have some.

  16. WOW!! I hope for a speedy recovery for Paloma and my thoughts are with their entire family!!
  17. I've only been to the Detroit area for concerts, the last time was like 10 years ago I was mad that he didn't say Detroit too, I wanted to send him a complaint
  18. Hey, I'm alright. I'm actually having a very boring Birthday (they have been this way for several years already )...at least I get a cake
  19. The DVD has already been released here. I bought it, but haven't watched it yet. According to what's printed on the back, the music video is not on it
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