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  1. Hey Naectegela, I hope you are well. I just would like to say/write "hello" Greetings from Leipzig ChrissieX

  2. Because he is :loco:

    He also didnt have a hat like us others. He just took a random hat

  3. Why was he in a stripy shirt when everyone else was in white?

  4. I dunno why i looked so weird at him!

    I look kinda scary haha :aah:

  5. LOL I saw you looking at the guy in the stripy shirt who went up to collect something:naughty: You look good :thumb_yello:

  6. I did send you a message yesterday. Did you get it?

  7. Can you send me a private message at facebook? I'm trying something out

  8. Sooooo why are you mean this morning?

  9. hello :bye:


    You always seem to catch me as I am on my way to bed :aah:

  10. On my way to bed - but I got distracted :aah:

    Anyway, I'm off now :bye:

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