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  1. Just dropped in here since I thought it's releasing in early May for some reason.... but no news yet it seems???
  2. 생일 축하해요

    1. silver


      I hope that says Happy Birthday

  3. I'll be there before the show !!
  4. Yuna


    Adele Paris AccordHotel gig has sold out and tons of blackmarket tickets are all around... is there any chance to get spare tickets at a bit reasonable prices? XD
  5. If anyone has one or two spare ticket of London Palladium, please let me know!! thanks Edit : I need two consecutive tix at stall or royal circle. Please DM me! Thank! Deleted
  6. WE moved on to Yellow stage, and it requires 2,000 ppl to click "MAKE" to complete this stage! Now we have 600 and have long way to go. Please help us, simply log in with your twitter/FB account and click "MAKE" button. THANKS!
  7. I found my badge from my old picasaweb album!
  8. Maybe the stuffs are too big ? We ask local promotors and the promotors get permission from the venue side and Team Mika also... If Mika's planning to make a mess at the venue using and shooting confetti during the show, it means the fans could make a mess there too Of course sometimes it's better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission (I love that quote!) but if we need to get into the venue before the show to prepare that fan action... permission is required to make things easier....
  9. He need sponsors to do symphonic concerts in other cities... it costs a lot ...he said.....it's not in his hands. The reason we're doing such a campaign is... to let possible sponsors know that Mika's doing such an amazing symponic concert in other countries. I know that several possible sponsors, broadcast or radio hosts.. and lots of gig promotors already joined Mikaholix so keep sending news about this campaign by Email and notes...it's a good chance to let lots of ppl know that Mika's doing such an classic crossover concert, which is not very familiar in Korea .. Well we just moved on to Yellow stage, and it requires 2000 ppl to join to move on to final stage! Oh gosh......
  10. It just means if you willing to go to the concert how much would you like to pay for that. Not real payment but they're just surveying for that
  11. Mika had a V-app chat recently and was asked about "Symphonic Concert in Seoul". His answer was, he really want to do it and need a campaign for that. So, Korean fans decided to start a campaign for real, through the website "MyMusicTaste". MyMusicTaste is a fan-initiated concert making platform, already hosted and linked lots of concerts in the world. We are planning to crack every stage and need help of lots of fans to make it. Once all cleared, the platform host would move for that and find promotors and sponsors for us. Please click the link below, and click the "Make" button and share at twitter and faceboook, and add comment there for us. Our goal is "Symphonic Concert in Seoul". The platform is not only for Seoul Concert, but a place for "please take mika to our country" also. Hope it would help other fans who want Mika to play their home country. and Dear MFCers in the world, help us please!! Our goal is more than 1,000 ppl to click "MAKE" and clear every stage that the website requires. LINK - https://t.co/r2JnuGahIo Mika says - "NEED A CAMPAIGN!" https://youtu.be/2tH9vLUug4U?t=721
  12. I secretly booked my flight already...and my family want to have a family vacation on that week..... God save me....
  13. To make it perfect, it's necessary to discuss and set up things with the concert promotors and the venue... there're some restrictions upon the venue condition and seat places and the stage...lights ...so on. I go this gig so would be amazing if I could experience something special in London! Surely small audience tricks empowers the concert!
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