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  1. Mika speelt momenteel op Q! sms verzonden en nu maar hopen:clap:
  2. Ik ben door omstandigheden heel lang niet op het forum kunnen komen..maar ik zie geen oude gezichten meer?? gaat er iemand naar de Q music showcase van Mika? Ik heb meegedaan met de wedstrijd maar helaas niet gewonnen...
  3. Haaai wie o wie weet wanneer Mika nog eens naar België komt?? Ik kan niet wachten
  4. Hi Unfortunately I wasn't able to go Did Mika get his shirt?
  5. I did it a few times too, ironing something on a shirt. It looks good the first times you wash it, but it fades after a while... but no problem for me I don't wanna be a pain in the ass I'm just mentioning it
  6. Maybe just buy a long shirt? I'm sure they must have them somewhere though I also like the 'blotebuiken' idea haha
  7. I think so it should say it because then maybe he is a little bit obligated to come join us haha good question actually... i dont know... QUOTE=STEP___;2986174]I think that would be a nice idea, certainly as it seems we have quite the list already. If everyone agrees, I wouldn't mind just tell me the size but should mika's tshirt say: MFC, Mika?
  8. Hallo,


    ze maakte zich niet ongerust hoor :)

    we moesten ze alleen verwittigen dat we eraan kwamen omdat ze op ons stonden te wachten want we moesten de laatste tram halen :D

  9. I want one too :D size 38/medium. by the way there is a store not so far from my work where they print shirts...if you wanna I could always go ask there what they ask from price... I also asked my brother (he knows about printing techniques)-he says transfertdruk is not so good. It is like 'ironing' a print on a shirt, it gets wasted after a few times washing. He says 'zeefdruk' is better. Also I will take the train in Ghent Sint-Pieters. Probably first I'll go by car there (I park where I work-then take tram for 5 minutes to the station). So anyone who wanna come with me to Ghent (I live in Zelzate) please send me a pm
  10. Hallo

    Om even op je vraag terug te komen ; ja we hebben hem nog gezien maar het ging allemaal heel snel hoor.Het was me net gelukt om een foto te maken en hij was alweer weg...

    Was jij daar met een vriendin die zich ongerust begon te maken over haar ouders ?

  11. We waited a short time but not so long...we had to take the tram back to where the car was parked so we took the last one at 12:15 pm... Did you get to see him?
  12. If you wanna meet before to go for a drink or something let me know
  13. and another ones concert was amazing so Mika, I see you July 12th