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  1. It took a long time to achieve 1000 members, and I'm alone there as administrator, but still...:toot:Let me celebrate for a moment! :blush-anim-cl:


  2. I can't find words to express how sad and shocked I am... RIP FREDDIESDOUBLE
  3. Sad and shocked. Came here after a while to find out about FREDDIESDOUBLE...
  4. I ovde...


  5. :bye:


    Nekad smo se dopisivali ovde...



  6. Oh, I have to share my feelings here, cause I know you'll understand. Finally I can watch Mika in real time on my TV and, even I don't understand a thing , it's exciting and wonderful!!!
  7. I would love that, too! The reason I'm considering this trip at all is that I would love to see some people from MFC in person finally. You wouldn't believe what kind of documents they want from us when applying for visa. It's humiliating and really expensive. So my option is not to think about London.
  8. WOW! Konačno još neko iz Srbije. Naša mala "zajednica" davno je zamrla u klubu. Dobrodošlicu na srpskom možeš da pronađeš ovde http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/25840-new-members-please-read-mfc-world-reps/?p=3854041 Dobrodošla tamariski!!! Sorry everybody, I'm off topic, by so delighted to see another member from Serbia.
  9. Brexit or not I need a visa for London, so I voted Milan. There is a slight chance for me to visit Italy and I would like to participate.
  10. Some videos are published yesterday on youtube. Apparently it's a private gig in Dubrovnik.
  11. I'm not sure about the lyrics. Perhaps someone who speaks French can check them out and I'll correct them if necessary.
  12. I found this picture somewhere on the facebook as a picture of young Mika. I'm not sure who posted it and I'm not sure where is it from. Does anyone have a clue?
  13. Hi, Kristina! Dobrodošla! Welcome to MFC! Greetings from Serbia. So far Trieste is the closest gig to me too. Most likely I'll be there. Lep pozdrav!
  14. Beautiful picture. It's an old mirror, not a dirty one. I bet it has a beautiful frame.
  15. Creepy neighbour and psychic burger
  16. Nice idea! I'm Nena from Serbia. Or perhaps it would be easier if we write it in our posts like it's in the first one, so you can just copy and paste? Like nenartus - Nena (Serbia)
  17. Publicité TGV – "Je chante" by TGV et Mika / Making-Of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3NB7Ap2zgI
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