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  1. I'm a bit worried about that. What happened ? I hope everything is fine with him and his family, especially his mom.
  2. MIKA is an amazing artist, he's sweet, handsome, sensitive, he's got a good sense of humour and he is also cultured. How many men like him ?
  3. @mellody I completely agree with you. He seems to be more open to his fans about his feelings and that’s a good thing. And as you said, he can feel blue for any reason even if he seems to be in the conditions to feel happy.
  4. You are probably right. Anyway, I find it strange that he chose to post a story in which he looks sad. We are more used to his smile.
  5. Hello Adhara, Welcome to MikaFreaks Family 🙂 My name is Valerie, I am Belgian, but I'm fluent in Spanish. I'm also going to Mika's gig in A Coruña with my husband and daughter 🙂 I am new in MFC as well. I discovered Mika's music last year. Before that, I only knew the most popular songs from the radio and what I knew about Mika was mostly from his participation as coach in The Voice France. My first Mika's gig was in Lille in December, then in Utrecht in February. He literally blew my mind ! Such a great performer and nice person !! Feel free to write to me in Spanish if you like 🙂
  6. Oh really?! That is so sad 😞 I don’t understand why...
  7. Thank you @mellody and @Sabine64 for your replies. Anyway, I was wondering why there is no gig in Germany. Isn’t Mika famous there?
  8. Good idea! I can help with Spanish too 😊
  9. Oh yes, thank you, I remember now. I wonder why he mentions Germany though.
  10. Hola Alexafreak y bienvenida! Me llama Valerie, soy tambien nueva en el MFC. Soy Belga, pero viví 2 años en Peru hace muchos años y mi hija de 10 años es mitad peruana por su papá. Mi hija y yo nos hemos vuelto fans de Mika. Me encantaría que Mika vaya a Perú y claro que iría a verlo ! Donde vives ? un abrazo 💕
  11. Thank you Naomi for sharing the interview. Interesting projects, indeed ! I am just a bit surprised to read that MIKA felt “told off” in Germany and Holland 🥺 What makes him feel that way ?