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  1. Thank you so much ! It was indeed a wonderful moment for her, but also for me and my husband. Back in October, on album release, "Paloma" was the song I was eager to discover. I loved the song so much and my daughter too. Every time we listened to the song, we used to cry. And when Mika sang Paloma in Lille, my daughter burst in tears. She's only 10 and I'm glad she's a tiny MikaFreak.
  2. Thank you Alba ! I was so happy ! Actually Paloma was not "terrified", she was just blown away and holding back her tears. She still hopes she'll get a pic with Mika someday.
  3. Hi there, here is what my husband recorded on the first gig in Utrecht, when Mika spoke to my daughter and dedicated the song Paloma to her.
  4. I’ll try to write my report of the concert later on. Need some time to write my feelings down in English. But for the time being, I’m sending you a pic of my tiny Paloma while waiting at the venue in Utrecht the other day. You know the little girl with the sign 😊❤️
  5. Oh merciii 😍💕 Je n’arrive toujours pas à y croire ! J’espère que vous avez fait bonne route pour le retour. Alors il est sorti à quelle heure?
  6. Hi Denise ! Thank you so much. Today I’m worried about the storm😕 I’m going to the Utrecht gig tomorrow with my husband and daughter. Hope everything is going to be fine for Mika and for us.
  7. Great ! We’ll probably meet there 🙂
  8. Hello MikaFreaks! I’m afraid I only have pics of my daughter before and after the gig in Lille on December 15. It was our first Mika gig for Paloma, my husband and I. I so much wanted to enjoy every second of it that I could not take pics myself. My husband’s daughter also recorded the beginning of “Paloma” because my daughter was so moved she burst in tears 🥰
  9. Hi there ! That’s what I understand as well 😕
  10. Hello 🙂 ! Are you going on Monday 10 ?
  11. Hello Ysara ! Thank you so much ! According to your introduction, you make jewelry inspired by Mika ? 😀 Where can we see them? Do you have a link ? Did you see Mika in Brussels ?
  12. Hello Camilla ! Thank you so much 😊 Yes, it really seems to be a loving family of Mika freaks 🥰
  13. Hello Eriko, はじめまして ! Thank you for welcoming me 😀 Unfortunately I don't have pics except from my daughter Paloma before and after the show and also a small video of my Paloma in tears while Mika singing "Paloma". I will try to write something about my experience in Lille. It was my first Mika's gig and it was wonderful. Thank you for the link. By the way, I'm also going to the Utrecht gig on Feb 10. I'm also curious about Mika's gigs and interviews in Japan, I'm sure he's got lots of Japanese fans :-) Do you have any links you can recommend ? Thank you in advance. Valerie