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  1. 1. Tiny love (what can top that?) 2. Ice cream 3. Dear Jealousy 4. Sanremo haven't really listened to the rest
  2. WOW, Same here... I'm weak too, at first I Was like - I'm waiting for the album!.... but, no. really hard not to listen... 😥
  3. I Really like the end of the song, the part with the gospel backing vocals. it's so powerful that way! Wish it was more in the song! And I Like the song, of course. Tiny Love still my favorite 😜
  4. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND HIM! What does he singing?! too fast! need lyrics.
  5. I Was Just going to ask the same. I Want a deluxe version I Want to buy physical copy...
  6. I Don't know what about you guys, but today I Woke up and had to get to work, so on my way I was listening to "Sanremo". At first, I Wasn't sure what do I Think of it, but then after a few listens it grew on me. For me it has a bit of disco feeling, Like kind of Michael Jackson songs? from the "Off The Wall" Album. I Like it!! Mika Voice is just so nice to listen to! Like the 80's vibe Oh, it's has a bit of Be Gess feeling as well!
  7. I Don't find it on Youtube..
  8. I Hear in that song: Billy Joel, Beatles, Queen, and of course, MIKA! I LOVE IT!
  9. I Think so! Just a bit more to wait!
  10. Found it on the Australia Itunes shop! Yes, the tiger is a mystery. i'm counting the hours to midnight to hear tiny love (3 hours left! so much time!)
  11. The artwork of the new album! p.s. sorry if it's s a bit out of topic!
  12. To those who was lucky enough to watch the video before it was taken down, How long it is? (Video / track)?
  13. Do you think "Tiny Love" will be available on Spotify and so on on friday, midnight? It was the case with "Ice Cream" (In my Spotify, at least)
  14. A Question: 1:37-1:39 / 1:43-1:47 - In those scenes, there is any reference to some other video clips or movies? (Not the Kylie Minogue one)