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  1. I Agree the focus is on the dancers, it seems to me. sometime they show Mika himself but most of time we only hear him. I Don't understand what's the point of putting him on the top of Eiffel Tower and not with all the other dancers! and singing "relax take it easy" on the edge of an Tower... well...
  2. This version of "Dear Jealousy" is so much better then the studio recording, is it just me? I Really like the gospel backing vocals which is one of my favorite to hear in DJ, here It's in all the song, not just in the end! Love it.
  3. Finally my CD is here! Now I Have MNIMH With all the others!
  4. Just a thought in the middle of the night before going to sleep - In the last few weeks I Had (still have, a bit) a hard time, a lot of that has to to with me being jealous of other peoples. With Facebook and mostly Instagram nowadays, I'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous at everyone as Mika said. It's not my top favorite in th album - I Won't even put it in the first places - But I'm really feeling the connection with the song, and thinking to myself that even Mika, that in my eyes is so successful and admired feels Jealous at others - It kind of... comforting, like, everyone deals with Jealousy. I'm thankful for this song...
  5. Finally, There is a review about the album in a Hebrew site. Well it's rare too see anything about him in Israel so I'm happy to see it! I'm translating it to english using google translate: MIKA, My Name Is Michael Holbrook Mika is one of the most amazing melodists in pop world. In "Life In Cartoon Motion", his 2007 debut album, Each track is loaded with its own unique and energetic energy of Freddie Mercury vocals, a combination that creates a style of uplifting and refreshing fun. I listen to Mika's fifth studio album, and relish almost as much as the first time. The name of the album- My Name Is Michael Holbrook, may hint at a completely personal theme, and yet the songs sound universal. It offers two extremes of the romantic arc, tracks such as 'Tiny Love', between grandiose romantic gestures and a kind of affection that feels grounded and realistic. Alternatively, in "Ice Cream," he sings about "The Tap Continues to Drip," or the sexual instincts that connect to synth sounds that revert to pops of the '80s and' 90s. Since the release of Life In Cartoon Motion, his presence on the sales parade tables has been declining, even the arrival of his second album "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" into the top ten in the UK has not improved his commercial standing. It is unclear if the new album has greater odds, what is more clear is that it is restoring the essence of Mika's first two albums. It also has exceptions like the rhythmic "Platform Ballerinas" that sounds like a career change. The song deals with the beauty standards set by the company, and expectations look perfect 24/7. The song celebrates female individuality in funky pop dance pop in the best of the seventies-eighties decorated with palettes and upgraded female harmonies. Although Mika usually shows a loud scream, this time he was also heard in melancholy tones as in "Paloma," a song about his sister, who in 2010 fell out of a window and suffered life-threatening injuries. He describes her as angel, before being thrown out of the sky with an emotionally unfamiliar tone. His (Mika) "moody" mood also stands out in "Blue" - the color connotations that are confusing. Some will say that Mika is more successful in the sunlight temperamental songs and less in the dark songs. One thing can be agreed: when Mika radiates his unbridled positivity, not many pop artists are able to get close to his complex, inspiring music like the songs on this album, just about everything that pop is looking for - melodic, harmonious combination of R-N-B, synthesized sound . Rarely does he go for the fashionable. Instead Mika again chooses pop music that stands by itself without a time test. 4.5/5מיקה-mika-my-name-is-michael-holbrook/
  6. My CD is on the way, I'm listening to the album on Spotify, Waiting for the album to arrive finally
  7. As for "Tomorrow": I thought that when he sings "who gives a s**t about tomorrow...", I thought it was "gives a shiver..."
  8. Tomorrow is growing on me just like "Sanremo" does Just like Sanremo- It took me a lot of listens to finally really start "loving it" like at first I Was pretty much not excited about what i'm hearing, but it gets better Mika how do you do that!
  9. I Have to admit: "Sanremo" has grown on me like other songs. It must have something to do with the video-clip..
  10. So... I Guess you don't like Platform Ballerinas? Edit: I Also thinks that Mika should sing RTCTL alone... Jack doesn't add anything special idk
  11. Yep, I Also wish only Mika sang it, but still I Like it, just miss Mika himself in this track. It's like 4 minutes that mika sings only in like, one of them?
  12. I'm going to try and rank the songs, to A, B, anc C lists, like the radios A List: - Tiny Love - Ice Cream - Paloma - Platform Ballerinas - I Went To Hell Last Night - Blue - Tiny Love Reprise B List: - Dear Jealousy - Sanremo - Tomorrow - Stay High C List: - Ready To Call This Love - Cry
  13. Well, "Cry" is now stuck in my head... It wasn't my favorite from the beginning and it still not favorite but it definitely grew on me!
  14. For some strange reason I was wrong about the lyrics I thought that when he sings "who gives a s**t about tomorrow...", I thought it was "gives a shiver..." Oopps