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  1. Happy Birthday :happybday:

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    1. Wildfire


      Oooooh thank you!!!! I only noticed this just now :tears: That's so sweet, thanks :flowers2:

  3. Hi Yuko, and you're welcome! I'm happy you can see yourself in the video, glad I could provide you with it Yes, he looked really happy in the car! I managed to catch his smile on camera in the video of the second night as well and it's really nice to see him so elated. He was just sitting in his car, waving to people and holding his bouquet of flowers with a wide smile on his face. He didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest by the huge crowd Yeah I knew I would be unable to get to the "front" so I thought I should at least film the whole thing to keep a record of it haha. It was indeed crazy (and I think I did catch a cold after that, actually! haha)
  4. Merci beaucoup pour la traduction!! C'est très intéressant en effet et maintenant le texte du livret est beaucoup plus clair pour moi
  5. I love reading all your reviews!! Thanks for sharing I knew it was foggy on the 1st of January in Florence (when I left in the morning in bus, on my way to Milan I saw it was already foggy through the windows, and then my friends who were still in Florence told me about the weather) but I didn't think about the fact that it would cause delayed flights And yes there was such a long line waiting to enter the Uffizi gallery... I gave up and visited the city instead but when I come back one day I will definitely take a look. It's actually weird to think we were all in the same room at the opera a week ago and that now we are all communicating through screens... Sorry it's 4am and I am getting all emotional I guess Especially because I have just finished writing my review and it reminded me of the amazing time I had... Anyway I (finally!) posted my own review: you can read it here My pictures here: Mika - Sinfonia Pop - Florence - 30 & 31 /12/2016 And here is a video of Mika leaving in his car on the 31st (it's pretty shaky I'm sorry)
  6. Hello again! I have finally posted more Photos: here (the pictures I took at the opera are definitely not as nice as the ones posted above though ) Review: here And the video of when Mika left on the 30th! (you can see/remember how crazy it was...) I think that's all
  7. Thank you everyone for your videos and photos! Mine are NOT that good at all I will post them and my review soon though. Oh yes I definitely recognized your feelings and to read about them made me joyful. Thanks I really did have a great time! I loved Florence as well. When I went to the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale it was closed, unfortunately. I wish I could have gone to the Museo Archologico too! When I go back one day I will definitely check it out
  8. Wow I love your review a lot. I agree, it's amazing the things we do thanks to Mika, and "Life is so amazingly colourful when you leave shame behind you.". Couldn't agree more. I can understand what you were feeling very well. I'm happy you felt that way and had a great time on New Year's Eve. Thanks for sharing with us! Florence really is a magnificent city, enjoy your last day there.
  9. Okay, I just posted my pics in this other thread instead of here
  10. I might post a full review later, I don't have time to say more right now, but it was my first Mika symphonic concert and I had an amazing time!! So happy Edit: review posted! here And more pictures here
  11. Thanks everyone for the answers! (and now I have to find a way to add some creativity to my outfit haha)
  12. Thank you, I was wondering about the dress code too And does anyone know if we can bring cameras? Not to take pictures during the performance of course, as I guess it isn't allowed nor a good idea, but if I need to have it with me for later for example can I keep it in my bag?
  13. Looking for a ticket for the 30th if anyone has one to sell!
  14. Oh wow, thank you! - I still have to rewatch the 4th episode, internet wasn't working very well at home (as usual...) when I watched it live so I missed a lot of things. I can't wait to actually enjoy the whole episode I'm sad it's over. I think my favorite parts were the taxi driver ones, the moments with Paula, and Mika's speeches before Hurts, Origin Of Love, Good Guys... I'm definitely gonna miss this show
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