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  1. He truly needs to come back over to America, hopefully it happens soon
  2. Does anyone know if Mika will be doing a North American tour any time soon?

  3. I clearly should be doing homework right now, but it seems that I've turned up here. Again.

    1. Amye the Mika Fan <3

      Amye the Mika Fan <3

      Literal Story of my Life!!! Especially this week XD!!!

    2. unicornmika
  4. It looks like someone needs to come back over to the states...
  5. Yes this would be the best thing ever!!! Thanks so much for doing this, props to you!

  7. Thank you! He is made from an American Girl doll ($115). I made the wig from an old doll wig, which I curled and cut. One of a kind! I made all of his clothes as well
  8. Soooo, here is the big project I've been working on. A Mika doll! I also made him a huge wardrobe, including many replicas of his real outfits. I'll definitely share photos of them on here soon! Anyways, I posted these two photos on Instagram Saturday night (Jan 2nd), and on Sunday morning, MIKA LIKED THEM!!! I must admit that I bawled my eyes out for a good 20 minutes. Having the person who is your idol, inspiration, hero, and lifesaver notice your appreciation for them is a feeling I can't describe. Thank you Meek. And in celebration, I FINALLY ordered the Kukulakuku Swatch! YAY!
  9. I've listened to Lola what seems like hundreds of times, and have also watched the interview where he discusses the song, but I'm still confused. Is Lola: -someone that he's falling in love with, but then decides to tell that it's not going to happen or -a friend of his that he is talking to about the 'love dilemma' he's having with someone? Help!
  10. Well if I were in the front row, I'd already be bawling my eyes out, so I'd probably start crying harder, scream a little, laugh at how stupid I look, then hug him and mumble how much he's changed my life. I'd be very emotional, yes.
  11. I really love his more casual outfits, especially when he wears plain clothes, then accents them with crazy shoes and accessories
  12. Thank you! I started with a pair of plain canvas shoes. I used acrylic paints, and finished them with a water-based sealer. LOTS of patients and inspiration were needed to make them!
  13. I used acrylic paints, and finished them with a water-based sealer! By the way, your profile photo honestly gives me live, I can't get enough of it
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