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Hi from Argentina!!


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Hi! I'm Valeria, I'm 24 and it seems I'm not the only argentinian here, that's so cool!! :roftl:

How I got to know Mika? I think it's a weird story... I'm a big fan of INXS' late singer Michael Hutchence, so the first time I saw Mika on the Grace Kelly video I thought he looked a lot like him, but didn't pay much attention. A few days later I received an e-mail talking about Mika and comparing him to Michael and Freddie Mercury who is also one of my favourite singers... so I decided to get the record and listen to it. The first time I played it, I really didn't liked it (I actually hated it :blush-anim-cl: ) but the next day I kind of had the curiosity to listen to it again and after that I became a Mika addict!! I think I played it about 15 times in a day :blink: ... (well I usually do that to learn the lyrics, hehe), and now I can't get enough of him. All of this happened in the past 4 days!! I still don't believe it.

Well... I should get back to study :thumbdown: ... tomorrow I have a neuropsychology test so I have a lot to study :boxed:


(sorry if my english isn't very good:bleh:)

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Hola!! Yo también soy de Argentina, y este es mi primer post! Qué casualidad jajajaj.


De dónde sos??




Hello everybody! I'm from Argentina too, my name is Marina, and I'm 23. Well, became a Mika addict too, he is so talented and I love his songs. Since the first time I listened him, I can't stop singing all the songs!.


Well, I'm going to study too hehe.



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I've to admit that I understand you...for my personal experience, he remeinds me of Jeff Buckley who was my Favorite singer of all time...I have to admit that Mika's voice is quite better than his was! He's so powerfull!

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