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why doesn't he have curly hair???

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am not!!! I`m Tall Dark Olive Girl who has the strenght and guts to wrestle Big Girl :roftl: :roftl: :roftl:


how do ya think I got to him? raw force mate! raw force! :roftl:


...and a little help of Queenie's special equipment? :wink2:

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Erm...is it me or in this video his hair isn't curly ??? I honestly thought his curls were natural:eek:




He doesnt have curly hair cos there ARE curling irons. simple:mf_rosetinted:


some time ago no curling irons existed, believe it or not.

and all the people HAD to be curly... take Renaissance pics-everyone has curls:mf_rosetinted:


M has also been curly in his Faiyum previous life





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