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I just love this pic!


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Its Mika in his imaginary world...beautiful:wub2:


I'm looking at this cute photo, and besides it's hot and looking so sweet, I feel like I have to believe him. It's not escapeism, it's only "hyper-reality", that makes life more enjoyable :thumb_yello::wink2:

Mika has this unbelieveable power that he can make not only his own, but lots of other people's lives happier!

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this is one of my fave mika pix! (thank u cath!)


im warning u.... take a deep breath before u look ;)




Oh my giddy god...:wub2: :wub2: :blush-anim-cl::mf_lustslow::shocked:


I should have taken that breath! It's like you go on a roller coster and you know it's gonna be terrifying and you're gonna get sick, but you go on it anyway? Yeah, it's like that. :roftl:

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