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2007 - Mika - T4 On The Beach in Weston Super Mare pics


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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooo much for posting them. I love them a lot. Did you noticed that he looks thinner. Also, there is a pic that you can almost see his booty crack (hehehe). I like it. Do you think he knows when he is showing his undies.

O, and those arms, those heary arms. Physically that is waht I love the most about him. Besides his lips and hair of course.

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Did anyone else notice the small Calvin Klein label on his white shirt? I love that label/clothes! :wub2:

I did, but I always notice unimportant details. :naughty:


Lovely pics, thanks for posting Kriszti! :thumb_yello:


I love the one with Martin: 'I look at you, you look at me, we bite each other'. :naughty:

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pictures from celebutopia

sorry if they've been posted!


You're gone crazy???

You make my day with these amazing new pictures, and afterwards you even say sorry???


...oh, ok, well... let's forget about it, it's forgiven... :biggrin2:


And by the way: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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the pics are absolutely GRRRRRRREAT! :shocked::wub2: thx ever so much for posting them!!! :thumb_yello:


you can see his pierced ear quite clearly in a few shots.


and even if in these shots his hair is slightly too coiffed for my tastes, I have to say he looks stunning. :wub2:

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