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Mika in German magazines


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Mika made it to two German magazines this week.


The first two pictures are taken from the Bravo. The first one just says a few things about his circus show at Somerset House :mf_rosetinted:



Here, the magazine wants us to answer four very very diffcult questions: 1) What's the name of his first album? 2) Where was Mika born? 3) What Hollywood-star is he singing about in his first smash-hit? and 4) Where does he live? (oh dear, that's really really hard...)



This one is from the magazine "Mädchen". I hope nobody minds that I didn't cut Wentworth Miller out of the scan.


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Thanks for posting.

Once again the BRAVO :yay: :yay:

And once again the BRAVO writes crap :naughty: .

Can I please answer the question about where he was born? Can I can I can I???


Official version: "I was born in 1983 in Beiruuuuuuuut"

Truth: "I was born in 1983 in Disneyland" (that's the reason for his second name Cupcake because he was born in one of the dancing cups).


Tough questions. Good that they didn't ask about the reason why he wrote Grace Kelly because that is the only big unsolved mystery about him :naughty: .

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It's NEVER a bad thing having Wentworth Miller in a picture with Mika. Just wish I could see it (only 1 week to go before I'm back up and running online again).

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oh no cynthia they are really hard! in fact I don't know if I'll be able to answer them :blink: oh wrong smiley! this one is better :naughty:

I was standing in front of the bravo this morning at the kiosk wondering if I should have a look whether there was sth about Mika, but there were people around so I didn't dare :naughty: now I know I should have lol

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