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Mika's brother and sisters sing?


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Today I was reading the last page of that kind of book that comes with the lyrics from the cd and in the part of the credits of the songs says:


Lollipop- Background vocals: MIKA, Audrey Moukataff, Zuleika Penniman, Fortuné Penniman


Any Other World- Background vocals: Fortuné Penniman


Big Girl (You are beautiful)- Background vocals: Paloma Penniman and Studio Gospel Choir.



So I think all the Penniman can sing :biggrin2:

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Well... He needed people to do the background voices... And they were cheap...



Not kidding, Zuleika Allegra came on stage to sing with him Happy Ending (instead of Lorna) in Toulon last friday :wink2:


....seriously?! O.o

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I never seen Paloma!!!does somebody have a picture of her?


People here agree that we shouldn't look for and post personal pics... Meaning non-public pics. Paloma isn't one of his public sisters (the only one being so far Jasmine, and now Zuleika Allegra). But there has been a picture of Paloma somewhere on the forum, so use the search function and you can find it. If you don't know how to use the search function, go to the link in my sign, scroll down.



OR go and google "Paloma Penniman" in "images"... I guess that's how the first people found the pics... But don't port it, please, if you find it :thumb_yello:

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I knew her name was Allegra so is her whole name zuleika Allegra? What about the little cousin who talks on Lollipop? Wasn't her name zuleika too?? Help I am having Penniman issues!! :wink2:


Link in my sign. All the answers to your questions, and even more ! :bleh::wink2:

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