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New MIKA commercial US.


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Thank you for posting this!!! Finally a contest for the US!


Funny thing is, today before work I heard part of his Love Today song on some MTV show. I didn't care for the show and I couldn't find my remote (I guess it made it's way under my bed during the night. :blink:) It's a good thing I couldn't find my remote though! I would have missed hearing him on tv!!!

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Oh Oh Oh!!!!!!


I totally have to start watching ABC more!!!!!

OMG... I am gonna go MAD when I see that promo

MIKA takes over AMERICA!!!!!


I am gonna enter the contest...


THANKS ALEX for posting!!!!

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yea....about that..


Sorry to break it to you, but I will be winning that prize pack.:bleh:


The winner is being announced on September 3rd (my BIRTHDAY!!!)


Luck is on my side. It can't get any more perfect than this :mf_rosetinted: :mf_rosetinted: .






It's only 17 days away from my birthday! :roftl: And 1+7 = 8, which divided by 2 = 4, which divided by 2 = 2, which is my lucky number. :naughty:


I am...so weird. :blink:

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Well, 3 is my favorite # and apparently Mika buys everything in 3s. So.....




^^(what was the point of this argument??:blink::naughty: )


i don't know how much good that's gonna do you. my favorite number is 3 also, and my brithday is 1 months and 3 days after the contest, and i'm writing in size 3. booya... just kidding.



did anyone change their favorite number for mika??

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