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Hello from Paris ! :-)


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Hello all !


My name is Aurelien. I'm half French, half American. I'm from Paris but am currently studuying music in London.:thumb_yello:

I specialise in drums & piano, mainly Jazz. I'm also a huge Classical music fan (I did 7 years of Cello).:wink2: I discovered Mika a few months ago and was simply thrilled by his music, such quality, such thought.

I'm usually quite reticent to "pop" music but Mika was a true revelation. I have transcribed all the drum, piano & bass parts! I genuily adore his music.

I have tickets to see him live in London in December.

I can't wait!


Anyways, take care, and I hope to have some nice discussions with all of you!


P.S: My french name is hard to pronouce and write for Anglosaxons, u can call me "O".

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Salut Aurélien,


Bienvenue au club des gens qui croyaient ne pas aimer la pop anglaise qui fait des bonds et qui découvrent qu'ils ne peuvent plus s'en passer :wink2:


Dis-moi, j'aimerais bien papoter avec toi de transcriptions de chansons de Mika au piano ( je tente, mais je galère, n'ayant pas appris le solfège "à l'ancienne")


Serais-tu ok pour partager quelque-unes de tes lumières ?:biggrin2:

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:mf_lustslow: Sto attendendo! Sto attendendo! Grazie così tanto Allegra, voi sono così gentile!:thumb_yello:


your italian is quite perfect :thumb_yello:

mais tu as ecrit


voi sono così gentile = vous, je suis si gentil :naughty:


oui tu es gentil :bleh:


il faut dire:

tu sei così gentile


mais maintenant je ne suis plus gentil parce que je t'ai dit tes erreurs :roftl:


il faut que tu dis salut a Wendy: she is very important in the forum :thumb_yello:

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