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This Ones For The Girls (16+) Part Two


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Here is the second part of the loverly this ones for the girls thread =]


I shall update this section as soon as possible for my comp is being rather slow this week ¬_¬


Apart from that,



Hope this thread is as fun as the last one ;)


Peace Out my mini mikachus =]


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Haha i can still remember the 'fan girls in medival outfits chasing mika' chat we all had XD


Good times :punk:


hehe... oh the good ole days eh? :bleh:


yay! now i have a reason to live! :roftl: im really sad though because my moms too poor to buy a plane ticket for me to got to the gma gig :tears: any suggestions on getting a plane ticket to new york :sad:


aw.. can't help u out there hun.. if only money grew on trees :D

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awh do not cry!

This thread shall make ya happy ^_^


Nice to meet ya *shakes your hand*


hi.........if there is an absence of exclamation marks in my posts i am sorry the enthusiasm that i usually have is gone forever ....well maybe not forever but for about 3 days

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cant stay on for long....just wanna say bye to Danika! :huglove:


hi! aw bless lauren *gives huuuge hug* will miss ya loads :bleh: but i'll make sure to come and visit you all even if its for like 5 mins :bleh:

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