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Brits awards


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Lets not jump the gun, we don't know that just because he's performing with Brian that it won't be one of his own songs. Or that because it's Brian that it will be a Queen song.

In the past there have been some great collaborations, some have been the artists own songs (Texas with the rapper whose name escapes me right now), and with other peoples songs (Justin Timberlake with Kylie)

I think it would be great if Mika and Brian did the rocked out version of Love Today, that would be totally awesome.

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Actually i am quite expecting mika singing "we will rock u" and "i was born to love u"

i think his voice has some chemistry with these songs! :wub2:

though this defo brings direct comparison and he will get glassed by Queen's fans XDDDDD

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HE CHOSE BRIAN OVER RUFUS? IS THIS TRUE? I don't want to get excited over nothing haha.


If it is true........


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!


:woot_jump: :woot_jump:


Excited much Fmbm??? :naughty:


I think it'll show that Mika has balls. (If this is in fact true)


When I first read that, I thought, "I didn't realise Mika had balls!" :naughty:


Yes, I am completely and utterly mental! :biggrin2:

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